Accelerated Treatments

Conventional treatment can take anywhere from 18 to 30 months to complete. However, recent developments in orthodontics have created a number of ways to speed up the process for those willing to invest in the following options:

INVISALIGN ® – Many types of treatment plans are faster with removable aligner therapy than with fixed braces because the movements are computer-programmed and thus more efficient than wire bending at the chair.

ACCELEDENT – This is a device that uses low-frequency vibrations that speed up bone turnover and thus move teeth faster. It requires the purchase of a small motorized mouthpiece which is worn 20 minutes a day to reduce the treatment time by 30%.

PROPEL – This device perforates the gum tissue and bone to “injure” the outer bone layer, which releases a chemical to cause more rapid bone turnover and tooth movement. There is no cutting or suturing, although some local anesthesia is required.

SURESMILE ® – Like Invisalign, this uses computer programming to develop an ideal outcome and then a robot bends light, flexible wires which achieve the final result faster and more gentle than hand-bent wires.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING – We find that most treatment that goes longer than expected is the result of broken, canceled, or re-scheduled appointments. If you would like to get done faster, keep every appointment and check to see if your treatment would still work if you reduced the amount of time between appointments.

EXPENSE – All forms of accelerated treatment (except keeping all appointments) require some extra cost and cooperation. If you are interested in any of these methods of acceleration, please ask the doctor, treatment coordinators, or assistants for information.

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